• Presentation of the project "Partnership Justicia: Regaining Citizens’ Trust"

    The project for strengthening the civil society for effective reforms in the judicial system was promoted yesterday in the EU info center in Skopje.

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  • Reaction of Network 23 on the draft model for involvement of CSOs in EU acceession negotiations

    The proposed model of participation of CSOs in the accession negotiations for membership in the European Union is proposed without knowing the institutional structure of the negotiations, as well as the full national procedure for the negotiations.

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  • Analysis from the regulatory impact assessment on the Law on Courts has been presented

    The European Policy Institute - Skopje (EPI) organized a discussion and presentation of the working version of the Analysis from the application of regulatory impact assessment on the Law on Courts. According to the research findings, there is a need for increasing the years of experience as a criteria for judge promotion. More on the link.

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  • Macedonia's accession to NATO - contribution to the country's stability and prosperity

    The European Policy Institute - Skopje (EPI) at the Holiday Inn Hotel held a debating event and a presentation of research on Macedonia's accession to NATO, titled "Between facts and fiction - What will NATO integration bring to Macedonia?".

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  • The draft of the National Report on the monitoring of PAR was presented

    The findings from the monitoring of the public administration reform were presented at the conference, with a focus on civil society and its role in monitoring and supporting public administration reforms in the Republic of Macedonia and its path to the EU.

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  • CSOs, academic institutions and individuals formed the CIVITAX Group

    The aim of the CIVITAX group is to initiate, analyse, research and advocate for fiscal policies in the broadest sense of the term, which are targeting CSOs, academic institutions and individuals, as well as advocating the legal certainty in this area as a human right.

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Effects of SAP instruments on WB6 European Integrations and Regional Cooperation

Europeanization of the Western Balkans (WB) is shadowed by multiple factors on both side – EU and WB states. EU internal challenges (economic crisis, migrant crisis, rising of euroscepticism, etc.) have omitted the Enlargement from Brussels’ agenda for a while. On the other hand...

Application of RIA to the Law on courts

Timeframe: January – December 2018

Location: Skopje and the other three appellate regions (Stip, Bitola and Gostivar)

Budget: 9.991 EUR

The aim of this project is to enhance the...

Benchmarking for EU reform - how effective? BENCHER

Goal: Explore the effectiveness of the EU benchmarking mechanism for the Western Balkans and contribute to improving the benchmarking mechanism as an impetus for EU related reforms in the Western Balkan countries.

Promoting sustainable reintegration of the Roma returnees Macedonia

This is a follow up on the project “Combating barriers for exit: Roma on the Macedonian borders”, implemented in a partnership with KHAM Delchevo. The project will focus on the policies and practices affecting the Roma returnees, including their needs and necessities. The problem...

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